Deciding or searching for the top mutual funds generally requires lot of things to be taken into consideration. It is here that the role of the fund manager creeps in. The fund manager determines the performance of the fund for that particular period, so it is a compulsion that he is consulted prior to making the investment. Another important segment that should be taken care of is the proper selection of Assets. Asset Allocation is the art of bifurcating your finances into a mixture of Assets (stocks, bonds, etc). It is imperative that some amount of research is done prior to choosing a fund for investment. The performance of a mutual fund over the last few years does give an insight to it?s value. The Mutual fund performance can be known by Mutual Fund NAV i.e. Net Asset Value. It is disclosed on daily basis in case of open-ended schemes and on weekly basis in case of close-ended schemes. It is necessary for all top mutual funds in India to put their NAV?s on the web site of Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) thus the investors can access NAVs of all mutual funds at one place.

Following is a table that illustrates the current position of Top 5 Mutual Fund in India with respect to their NAV, repurchase price & sale price. The results are based on the performance in the last 6 months:

Name of Fund Net Asset Value| Re-Purchase File | Sale Price

Reliance Mutual Fund 12.3450 | 12.2833 | 12.3450

UTI mutual fund 94.5644 | 94.5644 | 95.51

ICICI Prudential 20.5222 | 20.3170 | 20.83

HDFC Mutual Fund 10.863 | 10.809 | 10.863

Franklin Templeton 21.2672 | 21.2672 | 21.2672

SOURCE : Association of Mutual Fund in India (AMFI).

According to latest researches and data available with Association of Mutual Funds in India (body that governs the Mutual Fund houses in India) , it can be described that, since the last 6 months, the entire asset under management or AUM, along with thirty one mutual funds covered at Rs 5,18,123 Crore or Rs 5,181.23 billion. All of the top five mutual funds of India made record in the development of total AUM. They have increased the AUM rate of the Indian mutual fund industry. Being the top mutual fund organization of India, the Reliance Mutual Fund rose the AUM to Rs.80,780 crore from Rs.77,765 crore. On the other hand, the ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund and UTI Mutual Fund rose to Rs.56,854 crore from Rs.52,180 crore. So going through the snapshot you do have an idea as to which Mutual Fund should be invested upon and the factors you would need to take into consideration.